Tiny Honda S660 Packs Big Style with Mugen Parts

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Buckle up gearheads, because we're about to take a peek at a Honda S660 that's been transformed from a cute little roadster into a head-turning showstopper! Mugen, the legendary Honda tuning company, has gone all-out on this car, and the result is a head-to-toe makeover that's guaranteed to make jaws drop.

Imagine this: a bright yellow S660 zipping down the street. Even a standard S660 stands out amidst the sea of regular cars, but this one, painted in a shade called "Carnival Yellow II," kicks things up a notch. But the yellow paint is just the beginning! Mugen has pretty much thrown their entire parts catalog at this car, turning it into a mini supercar that'll have people swiveling their heads faster than at a tennis match.

2024 Honda S660

The bodywork is a complete overhaul. Gone are the stock parts, replaced with a brand new hood, grille, fenders, and side skirts. To finish off the aggressive look, the car sits lower thanks to a Mugen sports suspension kit, with those sweet 15-inch front and 16-inch rear forged wheels tucked even further into the widened wheel arches. This isn't just about looks, though – the upgraded suspension means the car handles like a dream too.

Honda S660

The back of the car gets some serious attitude with a Mugen diffuser and a sleek carbon fiber tail spoiler. But the absolute star of the show (and the most expensive part!) is the Carbon Aero Engine Hood. This massive, slatted panel sits above the mid-mounted engine and screams "look at me!" It's a real head-turner, but it'll also set you back a whopping £4,493!

Step inside, and the Mugen touches continue. You'll find a quick shifter for faster gear changes, plush Mugen floor mats, and the crown jewel: a limited-edition red and orange leather steering wheel with a carbon fiber top proudly displaying the Mugen name. This steering wheel is a conversation starter – anyone peeking through the windshield will instantly know you've got a special ride. All these Mugen goodies add up to a staggering £20,577, according to the folks at Torque GT.

Honda S660 engine

Here's the surprising part: the engine itself hasn't been touched. That tiny but mighty 658 cc turbocharged triple-cylinder engine is still hiding under that fancy carbon hood, putting out the same 63 horsepower as all factory S660s. Why? Because the car needs to meet Japan's strict kei microcar regulations. But at least the previous owner had some sense! They opted for the six-speed manual transmission instead of the automatic, giving them more control and letting the engine rev all the way to 7,700 rpm (something the automatic wouldn't allow).

Honda S660 interior

This Mugen-ized S660 with 34,000 km on the clock was actually displayed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year. Now, Torque GT in the UK, where the S660 was never officially sold, is offering it for a cool £29,990.

Yes, it's a lot of money for a small car with a not-so-huge engine. You could probably buy a regular S660 for half the price. But here's the thing: this car isn't about practicality. It's about pure, unadulterated attention. If you crave the feeling of driving a supercar but your bank account doesn't quite match your dreams, this Mugen S660 might be the perfect compromise. It may not have the most powerful engine, but it definitely has the most personality!

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