2025 Chevrolet S10 Is A Refined Pickup For South American Market

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In South America, while a new generation of the Chevrolet Colorado graced North American markets last year, the previous iteration of this midsize truck persists under the guise of the Chevrolet S10 in Brazil. However, for the 2025 model year, the S10 has undergone a substantial makeover, encompassing a revamped front fascia, revamped interior, and various upgrades beneath its surface.

Chevrolet S10

The foremost change lies in the exterior, notably the completely redesigned front fascia, aligning the aging S10 with Chevrolet's contemporary design ethos. Noteworthy are the smaller LED headlights, evoking a striking similarity to those adorning the newer US-spec Colorado, though the grille and intakes remain distinct to the Brazilian model. Additionally, the fresh face showcases body-colored trim on the base-level LTZ, black accents on the Z71, and chrome embellishments on the High Country variant.

While the profile retains its familiar silhouette, the front fenders boast a more sculpted appearance. At the rear, Chevrolet introduces a new set of LEDs and a redesigned tailgate. While showcased in the double-cab configuration, single-cab and chassis-cab iterations are slated to follow suit.

2025 Chevrolet S10 interior

The interior undergoes a significant overhaul, both aesthetically and technologically, surpassing its predecessor. An 8-inch digital instrument cluster and an 11-inch infotainment display closely mirror the setup featured in the US-spec Colorado. Moreover, the S10 benefits from broader and plusher seats, along with a steering wheel sourced from the Silverado. Additionally, new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) include rear cross-traffic alert and blind spot alert.

Beneath the hood resides a revised version of the four-cylinder 2.8-liter Duramax turbodiesel, purportedly "managed by artificial intelligence." Although Chevrolet refrains from delving into specifics, this likely denotes an advanced Electronic Control Unit (ECU) software. Regardless, the powerplant churns out 204 hp and 510 Nm of torque, representing slight enhancements over its forerunner.

The updated engine exclusively pairs with a new 8-speed automatic transmission derived from the current US-spec Colorado, meticulously calibrated for the S10. Chevrolet asserts that these enhancements contribute to a 13 percent reduction in fuel consumption, while also facilitating a swifter 0-100 km/h acceleration in 9.4 seconds.

Although the ladder-frame chassis draws its origins from the 2011 debut of the Colorado/S10, it receives a series of updates for 2025. These include recalibrated suspension, new shocks, wider tracks, and a fresh steering column. Furthermore, Chevrolet enhances insulation to mitigate noise and vibration.

2025 Chevrolet S10

Pre-sales for the refreshed Chevrolet S10 are already underway in Brazil, with early customers receiving a bed protector and divider as incentives. Manufactured at General Motor's São José dos Campos facility in Brazil, the facelifted S10 positions itself in the local lineup above the Montana and below the full-size Silverado.

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