A Minor Update For The Hyundai i30 N In Australia

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While the fiery Hyundai i30 N hot hatch has been discontinued in Europe, the Land Down Under is getting a second facelift for the 2025 model year, keeping it alive for a few more years.

This update, however, seems to be a minor refresh rather than a major overhaul. Leaked images from the Nošovice factory in the Czech Republic, where the i30 N is built, reveal subtle exterior changes. Look for new red accents to add a touch of sporty flair. Red inserts adorn the front air intakes, and the side skirts receive a similar treatment, mirroring the design found on the i30 Sedan N and the i20 N.

Hyundai i30 N

The interior remains a bit of a mystery. While official details are scarce, there's a chance the i30 N might inherit the larger 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster from the facelifted standard i30 hatch and the recently discontinued Kona N.

Don't expect a power boost this time around. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which has been around for 15 years, is likely staying put. Upgrading power at this stage in the i30 N's lifecycle might not be economically feasible for Hyundai.

Australia's continued embrace of the i30 N stands in contrast to Europe's decision to pull the plug. Here, the hot hatch will find a home alongside its smaller sibling, the i20 N, which is also due for a minor facelift in the coming months. Hyundai has confirmed arrivals for the facelifted i30 N between July and September 2024, followed by the i20 N's update arriving sometime between October and December. With the production line leak, an official unveiling of the refreshed i30 N seems imminent.

2025 Hyundai i30 N

This facelift serves as a stopgap measure, keeping the i30 N competitive for a few more years before it eventually bows out. Don't hold your breath for a brand new gasoline-powered i30 N successor. Hyundai N has set its sights on the future, expressing interest in developing an electric hot hatch. This electric torchbearer, however, won't arrive until later this decade, when battery technology matures enough to deliver the thrilling performance expected from an N car.

While the European market may have moved on, Australian fans of the i30 N can celebrate. This minor facelift ensures a few more years of high-octane fun with the feisty hot hatch. They'll get to enjoy the familiar driving experience and aggressive looks, with a touch of updated aesthetics, before the electric revolution takes the wheel.

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