AC Schnitzer Enhancements: Elevating the BMW XM

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BMW XM owners now have an additional avenue for enhancing their SUV, courtesy of AC Schnitzer. The renowned German tuner has bestowed the XM with a series of upgrades, including a more aggressive aerodynamic package, a fresh set of 23-inch wheels, suspension modifications for a lowered stance, and a power boost for the V8 engine, elevating the standard model to Label Red territory.

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AC Schnitzer has fine-tuned the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 segment of the plug-in hybrid system. Although specific details regarding the modifications remain undisclosed, the result is a combined power output of 741 hp and 900 Nm of torque. This represents a notable increase of 97 hp and 100 Nm compared to the stock configuration. Interestingly, the output surpasses that of the flagship XM Label Red, which boasts 738 hp from the factory, although it falls short of the Label Red's 1,000 Nm torque figure.

To augment the distinctive design of the BMW XM, AC Schnitzer has introduced several enhancements. These include a prominent front splitter, aerodynamic flicks on the front bumper, a rear wing, and additional fins on the rear diffuser. Complementing these exterior updates are the newly introduced AC5 Flow Forming wheels, measuring 23 inches in diameter. Featuring double Y-shaped spokes, these wheels are available in silver/black or gloss black finishes. Interior enhancements are kept subtle, comprising aluminum pedals and revised gear shift paddles.

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Furthermore, AC Schnitzer has employed lowering springs to reduce the flagship model's ride height by 20-25 mm, enhancing its sporty profile. Additionally, black anodized aluminum wheel spacers widen the track by 10 mm per side, further accentuating the SUV's athletic demeanor.

As for pricing, AC Schnitzer has yet to disclose the costs associated with these upgrades. Notably, similar enhancement packages for the BMW XM are already offered by competing tuners such as Renegade Design, Mansory, Larte Design, Venuum, and the more recent entrant, Manhart. This variety of options ensures that enthusiasts exploring the aftermarket world have ample choices to suit their preferences.

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