Bentley V8 models Are Not Available In Europe Anymore

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The latest offering from Bentley, the Edition 8 lineup, introduces the Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, and the Flying Spur, marking the swan song for their gasoline-only V-8 engines. However, amidst this transition, the pure V-8 legacy will endure in the Bentayga, albeit with an uncertain timeline.

While Bentley asserts that the Edition 8 was tailored specifically for the North American market, the departure of the gas-only V-8 configurations extends to other regions. Bid farewell to the twin-turbo 4.0-liter engines without hybrid augmentation in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and beyond. This shift leaves potential buyers with a now-or-never ultimatum: opt for a Continental GT/GTC or a Flying Spur devoid of electrification in favor of the venerable V-8 powerplant.


Setting the Edition 8 trio apart are the abundant customization options offered through Bentley's Mulliner bespoke division, boasting a palette of over 60 colors. Complementing this are the 22-inch wheels, available in both five- and ten-spoke designs, featuring self-leveling center caps. Bentley prides itself on these models being the epitome of opulence, featuring meticulously crafted details such as a jewel-like polished fuel filler cap and special badging adorning the fenders of the Continental models and the rear pillar of the Flying Spur.

The lavish touches extend to the interior, with intricate embroidery of the Bentley logo on the side sills and seatbacks. Notably, the Palm Fluting pattern, synonymous with luxury, graces the seats, a first for a Bentley of this caliber. Deliveries of the Edition 8 to eager customers are imminent, promising a blend of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Bentley Engine

Reflecting on Bentley's illustrious history, over 53,000 Continental GT/GTC and Flying Spur models have been meticulously crafted since the introduction of the current-generation 4.0-liter V-8 engine in 2012. However, the legacy of Bentley's V-8 lineage traces back to the S2 model in 1959, marking decades of engineering excellence. Looking ahead, Bentley teases the arrival of the "Ultra Performance Hybrid," featuring a new V-8 engine augmented with hybrid technology, delivering a staggering combined output exceeding 740 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque.

While the Flying Spur and Bentayga already offer hybrid powertrains with smaller V-6 engines, Bentley's plans extend to electrifying the Continental GT and GT Convertible later this year. Presumably, these models will adopt the new Ultra Performance Hybrid configuration, ensuring Bentley's commitment to blending performance with sustainable technology.

The Flying Spur will now feature a cutting-edge V8 hybrid powertrain alongside its existing V6 hybrid variant, which is currently available for purchase. Generating a robust 536 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque, this new unit promises an impressive electric range of 40 kilometers. The potential availability of the smaller plug-in powertrain for the Continental GT remains uncertain at this time.

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