Caterham Unveiled The Final Edition Seven 485

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Caterham has revealed the Final Edition variants of the 485 and 485 CSR specifically tailored for the European market, marking the conclusion of their production tenure a decade following their initial launch. These Final Editions will be introduced in limited numbers and will boast distinctive enhancements both externally and internally.

Setting the 485 FE apart from its CSR counterpart is its exclusive availability in the larger chassis configuration, which incorporates a more refined push-rod inboard front suspension, a fully independent rear suspension, and larger diameter wheels. Notably, the larger chassis dimensions measure 180 mm longer, 230 mm wider, and 25 mm taller compared to the standard option.

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Visually, the Final Edition models showcase unique satin black stripes and badging, complemented by premium exterior paint finishes. The 485 CSR adorns 15-inch Vulcan alloy wheels, while the 485 variant sits on smaller 13-inch Black Apollo alloys. Internally, distinguishing features include Final Edition embroidery and numbered plaques. The cabin is luxuriously upholstered in Sports Hex Black leather with Alcantara inserts, accompanied by a carbon dashboard and fully carpeted flooring.

As the most potent Euro 6 compliant Caterham Sevens, both the 485 and 485 CSR face retirement due to the stringent Euro 7 emission regulations. Equipped with the naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder Ford Duratec engine, these models deliver 225 hp and 205 Nm of torque. Power is channeled to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip differential, enabling a brisk 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 224 km/h.

Expressing mixed sentiments regarding the Final Edition release, Olivier Jouanne, European Territory Manager for Caterham, stated, "Revealing our Seven 485 Final Edition is a bittersweet moment for us and our customers." He emphasized the limited availability of these models, presenting enthusiasts with the opportunity to possess the last highest-revving, naturally aspirated Sevens ever manufactured, thereby acquiring a cherished segment of Caterham's heritage.

Caterham Seven 485 Final Edition

Furthermore, Jouanne articulated that the discontinuation of the 485 will facilitate additional production and engineering resources, enabling Caterham to concentrate on "expanding our European product offering."

Limited to 60 units of the 485 FE and 25 units of the 485 CSR FE for the European market, with an additional allocation of 10 units of the 485 FE designated for Japan, these Final Editions represent a rare acquisition opportunity for enthusiasts. Intriguingly, production quantities deviate from the commemorative plaque inscription indicating "1 of 45," hinting at a potential last-minute adjustment by Caterham. The Final Edition models are currently available for order, with pricing commencing at €67,495 before VAT and local taxes.

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