Chery Unveiled Omoda 7

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Chery has unveiled its latest offering under the Omoda brand, introducing the Omoda 7 crossover at the Beijing Auto Show. Positioned above the Omoda 5, this new model is set to compete with renowned contenders such as the Toyota RAV4 in select international markets.

Beneath its sleek exterior, the Omoda 7 shares a platform with the Omoda 5, albeit in a stretched form. It boasts dimensions of 4,621 mm in length, 1,872 mm in width, and stands 1,673 mm tall, with a wheelbase measuring 2,700 mm. While Chery has confirmed the presence of a 1.5-liter turbocharged plug-in hybrid powertrain, specific performance figures have yet to be disclosed. However, industry speculation suggests an output of 154 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque. Impressively, the SUV promises an electric range of up to 95 km and an approximate total range of 1,200 km on a single tank of fuel.

In terms of aesthetics, the Omoda 7 exudes a distinctively edgy vibe. Its sharp, pointed headlights and unconventional grille command attention, while the white exterior finish accented with black pillars and roof elements enhances its sporty appeal. Though official images of the rear end have yet to be released by the automaker, online sources reveal intricate LED taillights that complement the overall design language.

Omoda 7

Inside the cabin, occupants are greeted by a striking 15.6-inch Tesla-inspired infotainment display, accompanied by a sleek digital instrument cluster. Notably, Chery has integrated wireless smartphone charging pads reminiscent of those found in Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y, further elevating the cabin's modernity. Even the steering wheel features scroll wheels akin to those seen in current Tesla models.

Standard across all Omoda 7 models is a premium 12-speaker sound system, inclusive of two additional speakers integrated into the driver's headrest to facilitate phone calls and navigation prompts. Chery has announced plans to launch the Omoda 7 in various global markets, including the UK, Australia, and South Africa, with an anticipated release date of 2025. As enthusiasts await its arrival, the Omoda 7 promises to make a bold statement in the competitive crossover segment with its blend of innovative features and stylish design.

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