Cupra Introduces Exclusive Limited Editions of Formentor VZ5

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Cupra, renowned for its high-performance vehicles, is adding a unique touch to the Formentor VZ5 with the introduction of two new limited edition models. Each of these exclusive editions will be produced in a restricted quantity of just 222 units, a homage to the brand's founding anniversary on February 22. These special variants stand out with their distinctive paint colors and extravagant design elements, offering enthusiasts a rare opportunity to own a truly exceptional vehicle.

Cupra Formentor

The first of these limited editions, known as the Formentor VZ5 Century Bronze Limited, boasts a striking Century Bronze Matt paint finish. Enhancing its allure are carbon fiber copper mirror caps and copper exhaust pipe tips, alongside 20-inch copper alloy wheels, although black wheels remain an alternative option. Beyond the exterior, this model features dark chrome Cupra lettering on the badges and copper logos both inside and out. Occupants are treated to CUPBucket seats in black, complemented by a meticulously stitched black dashboard, ensuring a premium driving experience.

Meanwhile, the other special edition model, named the Enceladus Grey Limited, showcases an exquisite Enceladus Grey Matt paint color. Standard features include 20-inch black alloy wheels, with the option of upgrading to copper ones. Its mirror covers and exhaust tips boast a sleek black finish, further enhancing its sporty aesthetic. Like its counterpart, it also sports CUPBucket seats and a black dashboard adorned with dark chrome Cupra lettering. Both models proudly display a laser engraved unit number on the door panel moldings, underscoring their exclusivity and reminding owners of their distinguished status.

As the pinnacle of the Formentor range, the Cupra Formentor VZ5 embodies exceptional performance. The designation "VZ5" signifies velocity (Veloz) in Spanish and the engine's five cylinders. True to its name, the power unit generates an impressive 385 horsepower, channeled to the wheels through a DSG dual-clutch transmission, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience.

Cupra Formentor VZ5

While pricing details for these limited edition models are yet to be disclosed, Sven Schuwirth, executive VP for sales and marketing, emphasizes their significance. He describes the CUPRA Formentor VZ5 as the epitome of combustion performance, embodying the brand's commitment to inspiring a new generation of automotive enthusiasts. These limited editions pay homage to the VZ5 by reimagining its sporty aesthetics and elevating its design both inside and out, promising a truly exceptional driving experience for the fortunate few who acquire them.

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