Kia Telluride Recalled Because Of Valve Spring Concerns

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On April 5, 2024, a specific segment of Kia Telluride owners residing across the United States will find a notification letter in their mailbox, bearing concerning news regarding potential issues with their vehicle's engine valve springs. Such unexpected revelations are undoubtedly unwelcome for any vehicle owner.

An issued recall notice by the South Korean automaker discloses that a total of 2,872 Telluride models, manufactured for the 2024 model year within the timeframe spanning from October 1, 2023, to December 6, 2023, have been identified to harbor engine valve springs susceptible to breakage. This susceptibility is attributed to fatigue cracking, which ensues from damage inflicted during the manufacturing process.

Kia Telluride engine

According to Kia, a fractured valve spring could lead to a loss of engine power and, in extreme cases, may cause a rupture in the engine block if a broken valve enters the combustion chamber. Owners are advised to remain vigilant for potential indicators of this issue, including abnormal engine noises, the illumination of the check engine light, or the onset of engine roughness.

The first recorded incident concerning the 2024 Telluride's engine surfaced in November of the preceding year, when a North American owner reported hearing a distinct 'pop' sound while driving, accompanied by smoke emanating from the engine bay. Subsequent inspection by a dealer revealed a breach in the engine block. Kia's awareness heightened as reports of engine replacements for 2024 Tellurides mounted, leading to the discovery that all affected engines exhibited signs of fatigue cracking.

While Kia asserts no knowledge of any accidents, injuries, or fatalities linked to this issue, it acknowledges one isolated incident involving a fire that resulted in localized melting.

Affected owners will be instructed to schedule an appointment with a Kia dealer, where the engine sub-assembly will be replaced at no cost. Furthermore, Kia commits to reimbursing any owners who have previously incurred expenses for repairs associated with this concern.

Kia Telluride

Kia's proactive approach in addressing the potential safety hazard underscores its commitment to ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of its customers, underscoring the importance of swift action in mitigating potential risks associated with vehicle defects.

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