Leapmotor C10 Is A New EV With More Than 53 Km Driving Range

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The Leapmotor C10 SUV is intended for global markets. It was initially presented at iAA Mobility. It was on show at the Guangzhou Auto Show as well. Following Stellantis' acquisition of 20% of Leapmotor, the C10 SUV will be available in international markets.

Leapmotor C10

The newest model from this brand is the Leapmotor C10. Leapmotor C10 is built on the Leap3.0 architecture. Along with its wheelbase of 2825 mm, the C10's dimensions are 4739 mm long, 1900 mm wide, and 1680 mm tall. There is 1050 mm of legroom for passengers in the second row.

The Leapmotor's interior features a sizable touchscreen and five seats. Positioned behind the two-spoke steering wheel is the gear selector.

Increased safety, interior space, torsional rigidity, and charging capability are its key advantages. The C10 has torsional rigidity of up to 40,000 Nm/degree. Its interior area grew by 17.5 percent. 800V charging is also supported by the C10. On the back axle, there is a single e-motor with 231 horsepower.

Leapmotor C10 suv

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released comprehensive data regarding the battery of the Leapmotor C10. It's an LFP pack from CALB, one of the largest producers of LFP batteries in China. It is capable of 69.9 kWh. A single electric motor with a 231 horsepower output is powered by this pack. Its range therefore extends to 530 kilometers. There was no mention of the test cycle. However, we could presume that it's a CLTC number.

The battery for the Leapmotor is heavy. It can weigh up to 550 kg gross. It is an LFP pack disadvantage. For instance, the Exeed Exlantix ET is powered by a 97.6-kWh ternary (NMC) CATL battery, which weighs 524 kg. The curb weight of the Leapmotor C10 is 1940/1965 kg.

Leapmotor C10 SUV

The monthly sales target for Leapmotor is 10,000 units of C10. In China, the cost of the C10 is expected to be between $21,000 and $28,000. Pre-sale will begin on January 10 of the following year. The first batch of these SUVs will be available in international markets in July–August 2024.

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