Nissan Frontier Forsberg Edition Revealed At Chicago Auto Show

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The Chicago Auto Show commences on February 8, and Nissan is set to unveil the Frontier Forsberg Edition during the event. Priced at $9,999, this dealer-installed package represents a significant investment, but it promises to elevate the truck into a formidable contender in the realm of desert racing. Drawing inspiration from the victorious Forsberg Racing Frontier, which recently clinched victory at the prestigious NORRA 500, the Frontier Forsberg Edition epitomizes rugged performance and off-road prowess.

Frontier Forsberg Edition

Available exclusively for Crew Cab pickups, the Forsberg Edition package introduces a comprehensive suite of performance upgrades aimed at conquering challenging terrains with ease. At the heart of the transformation lies the NISMO Off-Road lift kit, accompanied by forged upper control arms and high-performance shocks. These components work in harmony to enhance ground clearance, suspension travel, and overall stability, ensuring optimal performance across varied off-road conditions. Complementing the suspension enhancements are the 17-inch Axis beadlock wheels, outfitted with Yokohama Geolandar X-AT tires, delivering superior traction and durability in rugged environments.

Nissan Frontier Forsberg

In addition to its enhanced performance capabilities, the Forsberg Edition package boasts a range of exterior enhancements designed to maximize functionality and visual appeal. Notable additions include robust rock sliders and a roof rack equipped with integrated LED lights, offering enhanced protection and illumination during off-road excursions. Furthermore, the package includes a NISMO cat-back exhaust system, enhancing exhaust flow and delivering an exhilarating engine note synonymous with high-performance vehicles. The exterior aesthetic is further elevated by Forsberg Racing decals and badging, showcasing the truck's pedigree and racing heritage.

Enthusiasts eager to elevate their Frontier's off-road capabilities can anticipate the availability of the Forsberg Edition package starting this fall. Compatible with 2022 and newer Frontier models, the package offers a seamless integration of performance and styling enhancements. However, prospective buyers seeking to equip their 2024 Frontiers with the package should anticipate a starting price of at least $41,069, reflecting the combined cost of the vehicle and the Forsberg Edition upgrade.

Nissan Frontier Forsberg Edition

Showcasing Innovation with the Pole to Pole Ariya

In addition to the highly anticipated Frontier Forsberg Edition, Nissan will showcase the Pole to Pole Ariya at the Chicago Auto Show. This remarkable electric crossover recently made history by becoming the first vehicle to complete a grueling journey from the North Pole to the South Pole, spanning over 18,000 miles. Driven by Chris and Julie Ramsey, the Ariya embarked on this epic expedition equipped with a stock powertrain but enhanced with a revised suspension setup, wider fender flares, and massive 39-inch BF Goodrich tires, tailored to tackle snow and ice with confidence. This remarkable feat underscores Nissan's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and showcasing the capabilities of electric mobility on a global scale.

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