Tesla Celebrates Chinese New Year

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Entering the second month of 2024, Tesla users in China are in for an array of updates. Following a recent price cut on select Model 3/Y variants, Tesla has initiated its first significant Over-The-Air (OTA) update of the year, building upon a mandatory OTA recall imposed by government regulators. Additionally, the long-awaited debut of the Cybertruck in China on January 28 showcased its off-road capabilities across eight cities, sparking considerable public interest.

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In 2023, Tesla achieved notable sales figures in China, selling a total of 603,664 units and capturing a market share of 2.78%. Notably, the Tesla Model Y emerged as the best-selling vehicle of the year, with 456,394 units sold in China. As the new year unfolds, Tesla aims to sustain this momentum and further solidify its market presence.

In anticipation of the Chinese New Year festivities, Tesla released a special OTA update on January 30 tailored specifically for the occasion. Dubbed version 2023.44.32.1, this update focuses on enhancing intelligent interaction, charging infrastructure, and entertainment features to elevate the driving experience during the upcoming Year of the Dragon. With 22 updates introduced since the onset of 2022 and the recent release of version 2023.44.30.8, the majority of updates prioritize safety enhancements.

Referred to locally as the "Spring Festival Edition," the Chinese New Year OTA update introduces several enhancements. These include an upgraded navigation system providing real-time data on average speeds in speed-limited areas to enhance overall driving safety. Catering to the surge in long-distance travel during the holiday season, Tesla has introduced features such as "Highway Service Area Alerts" and "Supercharger Stall Unlock," offering advance information on service areas, charging station availability, and the option to reserve a charging spot within a 1-kilometer radius, streamlining the charging process. Tesla's in-car mapping provider in China Mainland is Baidu. Additionally, the latest update incorporates safety-focused enhancements, including an automatic blind-spot camera and enhanced Autopilot warnings.

In addition to safety and travel-related updates, Tesla has integrated entertainment upgrades in line with the New Year festivities. The update introduces a redesigned in-car iQiyi app, an enhanced QQ Music playback experience (QQ being a popular music streaming platform), new atmospheric music, a light show, and various convenience features such as volume reduction during reverse parking and voice-controlled window and light operations.


As Tesla continues to evolve and tailor its offerings to the Chinese market, consumers can expect a continuous stream of improvements. Celebrating its 11th year in the Chinese market this year, Tesla's proactive approach, ranging from price adjustments to feature enhancements, signals its readiness for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, leaving users eager to discover what the future holds.

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