Xpeng X9 Is The Latest Luxury Van From China

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At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Xpeng debuted their new flagship model, the X9. Xpeng claims that the van boasts 17 anti-drag elements, including an eye-catching rear window that forgoes conventional spoilers. The model is unique for its emphasis on aerodynamics. The van has an amazing drag coefficient of 0.227 for something so big because of this attention to detail.

Xpeng X9

Putting aerodynamics aside, the vehicle features flush-mounted door handles and slim lighting fixtures. A characteristic lower intake and contoured bodywork unite them.

Although Xpeng didn't provide many details, the elegant cabin with wraparound wood trim, a floating entertainment system, and a digital instrument cluster is shown. A dual wireless smartphone charger and chic metal accents bring them together.

Even though the cutting-edge toys are fascinating, Xpeng didn't overlook the essentials. Because of this, the van boasts the largest third-row and the highest cabin height in its class. The third row folds flat to provide up to 2,554 liters of cargo space, while the second-row seats are likewise equipped with electric sliders.

Xpeng X9 ev

The highlight of the arrangement is the second row, which features zero-gravity reclining chairs with a footrest. On a huge 21.4-inch panel, second-row passengers may unwind while enjoying entertainment programs. There's a built-in fridge in case they need anything to drink. A "free breath" climate control system—dubbed the "world's first wrap-around central AC"—that creates a soft, calm wind was also described by Xpeng.

Xpeng X9 van

Although the details were not made clear to us, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China has previously disclosed that the van will be available with two distinct powertrain options. The dual-motor model will have a combined output of 496 horsepower, compared to 315 horsepower for the single-motor variant. The model also includes an air suspension as standard and rear-wheel steering.


The X9 is expected to go on sale in January at a price starting at ¥388,000 ($53,805).

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