You Can Buy A GAC Hycan A06 Plus EV With Less Than $20k

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Initially founded in 2017, Hycan was a joint venture between GAC and Nio; however, Nio left the partnership in 2022. GAC and Guangdong Pearl River Investment Management Group are now investing in it together. At the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show in China, Hycan unveiled the A06 Plus pure electric sedan, which retails for 19,300 USD. Launched in December 2022, the A06 Plus is a facelifted version of the A06.

GAC Hycan A06 Plus EV

There are three Hycan A06 models available right now, ranging in price from 24,800 to 37,300 USD. With a peak torque of 225 Nm and 534 Nm, the electric motor has three power options: 183 hp, 217 hp, and 462 hp.

The ternary lithium battery pack and permanent magnet synchronous motor provide 550 km and 630 km of CLTC cruising range, respectively.

A permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 217 hp and a peak torque of 225 Nm provides the power for the Plus model. With a 60.04 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack from CALB, it has a 520 km CLTC cruising range. Furthermore, fast and slow charging are both supported. It takes 35 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% under fast charging.

The headlights, which now span the entire front face, are the most noticeable visual difference between this model and the Hycan A06. The fastback style and hidden door handles are retained in the side profile. The taillights have stuck to their popular through-type design. There's an electric tailgate as well.

GAC Hycan A06 Plus

The dimensions of the Hycan A06 Plus are 20 mm smaller than those of the Hycan A06—4945 mm for length, 1920 mm for width, 1520 mm for height, and 2850 mm for wheelbase.

A fresh shade of light green has been added to the exterior body color at the same time. The Hycan A06 Plus is equipped with brand-new multi-spoke wheels measuring 245/45 R18.

Hycan A06 Plus EV

The interior is the same as the Hycan A06's, featuring a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, a three-spoke flat-bottom screen, and a 14.6-inch suspended central control screen driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip. Hycan has developed its own operating system, called HI-OS, to support the in-car computer. There are eleven speakers in the audio system.

Additional internal configurations include AI voice commands for navigation, air conditioning control, and seat adjustment, keyless entry, and remote control via mobile devices.

The car has four ultrasonic radars to enable advanced driving assistance features like adaptive cruise control, and there is a camera located beneath the outside mirror.

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