Lexus LM Is A Luxury minivan With High-End Touches

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Lexus has unveiled a new addition to its lineup, the LM500h L, a luxurious minivan designed to redefine comfort and opulence for up to six passengers. While currently exclusive to the Japanese market, the LM500h L promises a first-class experience for everyone on board, with a particular focus on pampering those in the second row.

Stepping inside the LM500h L, you're greeted by a sanctuary of relaxation. The second row takes center stage, boasting individual six-way power-adjustable seats with heating and ventilation for personalized temperature control. Lexus goes a step further by incorporating two types of shock-absorbing materials and anti-vibration rubber for an incredibly smooth ride, ensuring every bump is minimized.

2024 Lexus LM

But the indulgence doesn't stop there. Each seat features a removable touchscreen controller, placing an array of vehicle settings at your fingertips. Imagine adjusting the climate control, seat position, sunshades, and even interior lighting to create your perfect ambiance – all with a simple touch. Lexus provides four pre-programmed settings for the Rear Climate Concierge: Dream, Relax, Focus, and Energize. These modes automatically fine-tune various aspects of the cabin to create the desired effect, whether you're seeking a tranquil environment for rest or a stimulating atmosphere for productivity. If these presets don't suit your taste, fear not, as complete customization is also available.

Continuing the theme of thoughtful design, the second-row seats boast a built-in cup holder, a magazine rack for keeping you entertained, and a retractable table cleverly hidden within the armrest. This table, crafted from magnesium for both durability and lightness, features an upholstered surface that enhances its luxurious feel while offering anti-slip and scratch-resistant properties – perfect for placing your work or a delicious meal.

Lexus LM interior

The amenities extend beyond individual seats. Passengers in the second row can gaze up at a panoramic glass roof, allowing ample natural light to flood the cabin and create an airy feel. An overhead console houses a retractable 14-inch display, transforming your journey into a mobile entertainment haven. This display offers a variety of connection options, including HDMI, USB, and Miracast, to stream your favorite shows, movies, or even presentations. Even the back of the front center console caters to second-row occupants, providing dedicated air vents, a powerful 1500-watt outlet for charging devices, an HDMI port for additional entertainment options, and a convenient storage compartment.

While the third row takes a more traditional approach with manually adjustable reclining seats and small center trays, it still promises a comfortable experience for passengers. These seats can be neatly folded upwards when not in use, maximizing cargo space.

Luxury extends beyond the rear passenger quarters. The driver and front passenger are treated to heated and ventilated seats, ensuring year-round comfort. A color head-up display keeps important information within easy view, while a premium 21-speaker Mark Levinson audio system elevates every journey with exceptional sound quality. Lexus hasn't skimped on visual appeal either, incorporating herringbone-pattern wood trim throughout the cabin, complemented by your choice of 17-inch or 19-inch wheels for a touch of sporty elegance.

Lexus LM

Under the hood, a technologically advanced hybrid powertrain combines a 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a rear electric axle, resulting in a smooth and efficient driving experience with the added benefit of all-wheel drive for enhanced traction in various weather conditions.

With a starting price of $95,727, the Lexus LM500h L positions itself as a more affordable option compared to its four-seat counterpart, making unparalleled luxury minivan living more accessible.

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