2020 Toyota Corolla Review, A Great Car In The UAE Market

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For years, Toyota has been a reliable brand which delivers safety and quality at the same time. Corolla, is one its most beloved products ever. This car is affordable and greater than other opponents in many ways. The new Toyota Corolla is available both as a sedan and hatchback and we can assure that you are going to love it. Behold the bestselling vehicle of 2020.


This model is about both quality and aesthetics. Basically, this new product is actually the redesigned version of the Toyota Corolla hatchback 2019, but with a nice big trunk. Of course we are talking about the sedan version. What does “redesigned version” mean here? It means the 2020 vehicle has been updated in many ways, but still might remind you of the previous sibling, just a little bit of course. Both the exterior and interior design have changed for the better.

2020 Toyota Corolla UAE

The other good news is that for the first time, the hybrid version of this lovable car is available. So, if you are one those people who cares about the environment and does not like participating in ruining it, you will enjoy the ride with minimum amount of guilt! The company has always tried its best to use the newest technology to beat the other companies. So, we are going to get many “cool” features. In general, it is believed that this new car, will open the doors to the realms of new driving experience, something you have never seen before.

Performance & Specs

This model is a 4-door compact car which weighs almost between 1270 to 1350 kilograms. It doesn’t matter if you are going to buy the hatchback or the sedan one, they will both provide a smooth and enjoyable ride. It is easy to control the car even on the bumpy surfaces. It’s also safe to say that this one is more agile than the rest of the family members.

Toyota Corolla Review

Unfortunately, compared to some other components such as the Volkswagen Golf or the Mazda 3, the steering does not seem to be its best feature because it might be too soft.

There two types of 4-cylinder engines offered, a 1.6-litre and a 2.0-litre which is completely new. This whole new engine is called “Dynamic Force Petrol Engine”. The first engine mentioned produces 121 hp and 154 nm torque. The latter includes 168 hp and 200 nm torque. The electric motor of the hybrid version is paired with a 1.8-litre engine. These two are supposed to produce 121 hp together.

We have good news for costumers of the UAE because they will get 5 different trims.

As we said, there are several models. One of them which is offered in the market of Saudi Arabia, is called the 1.6 Xli model and has 15-inch steel wheels. This five-seater beauty, has a big grill, keyless entry paired with power mirrors and windows. There are also 16-inch alloys, fog lamps, rear parking sensors and truck liner present in the car.

You can say that “Smart” is the other name for this car since you need no keys for entering. These are the small features that make a vehicle convenient. Plus, the cruise control is present on this vehicle, too.

So far, there are no any specific or bold problems reported or any recalls. So, it’s pretty safe to declare 2020 Toyota Corolla as a safe and reliable vehicle. But we should warn you, the engine can sometimes be noisy and this might annoy many people. Plus, if you ever wanted to sell it again, you would not face any problems because it would still be a valuable car.


The company has put much effort into the design and kind of succeeded! As we mentioned before, there have been some drastic changed in the appearance and looks, both inside the cabin and outside, but you still can see some features of the previous model sparking. The sleek lines of the body make it look more charming than the other models. The 16-inch alloy wheels give it some recognizable strength and confidence. The black grill which is place right under the headlights, makes Toyota Corolla look like it is smiling upon the lucky owner. The LED headlights are long and look like cat eyes. The shape of the lamps adds to the sophistication of the front. The hood is long and a bit inclined, but not too much. Just the right amount. The design of the interior includes many positive features. They might vary from one trim to another, but they have one thing in common and that is space. Yes, the cabin is pretty spacious which can be a contributing factor and something that many other opponents may lack. There is also a negative point about the material used inside. You might not be happy about the quality of the plastic parts.

Toyota Corolla Cabin

Inside the Toyota Corolla GLi 1.6 cabin, the upholstery is beautiful and has a great quality. The good news is that there are some air conditioner vents included at rear part of the cabin. The steering wheel is covered with leather and you can find split-folding rear sits and a 6-speaker touchscreen stereo with Bluetooth. It is needless to mention the smart keyless entry with a starter button. Outside, we have fog lamps and 16-inch alloy wheels and a chrome grill.

The Toyota Corolla GLi 2.0 includes a sunroof and auto a/c. One of the very interesting points are the manual curtains for the rear windows. So that the hot summers and direct sunlight would not bother the passengers anymore. T

The Toyota Corolla Xli 1.6 gets an automatic gearbox (standard), power windows. a 4-speaker CD/MP3/USB/AUX stereo. The wheels are 15-inches and made of steel. The grill is also black.

The Toyota Corolla Xli 2.0 is similar to the 1.6 Xli version, with some small details changed. These details include the engine which is bigger, the wheels which are alloy and 16 inches the stereo which is has 6 speakers.

The hybrid version that is known as 1.8 Xli has the same features that the 1.6 Xli gets. The 1.8 GLi includes a moonroof. It also has a 7-inch display as the infotainment system. The LED headlights are auto-leveling and the 17-inch wheels are alloy.

Toyota Corolla Boot

All the models have dual standard airbags for the front. They also get ABS and brake assist, EBD, an alarm Immobilizer and stability control.


The price is different for each and every model and they are as mentioned below:

Toyota Corolla Xli 1.6AED 71,900 - 72,000
Toyota Corolla Gli 1.6AED 78,900 - 79,000
Toyota Corolla Xli 2.0AED 77,900 - 78,000
Toyota Corolla Hybrid 1.8AED 83,900 - 95,900

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