2020 Toyota Yaris Review, An Economical Car For The UAE Market

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Everyone is familiar with the glorious services of Toyota company to the automotive industry. This great carmaker has provided the global market with many great products through time. The cars delivered by this company, have many fans around the globe, including the UAE and today, we are going to discuss one the most celebrated models made by this well-known Japanese genius, Toyota Yaris.

Toyota Yaris 1999


Toyota Yaris has been a big part of the global market since the year is was born, 1999. This subcompact vehicle was known by many other names such and Toyota Vitz/Toyota Platz (in Japan), Toyota Echo (in Australia and the United States) and … from the very first day until 2019. It was originally supposed to be a substitute for two other cars named Toyota Starlet and Toyota Tercel, which were subcompact as well. This vehicle, is one of the smallest and cheapest products that the Toyota company has ever made. So, if you are a fan of compact cars which you can easily park, we really recommend this one.

The name “Yaris” has an interesting background and root. In fact, it goes back to “Charis”. Charis is the singular form for “Charites”, who were Greek goddesses of beauty and charm.

This lovely car is one of the most successful models of the company and has been sold 8.71 million units in the market. Toyota Yaris has been with us for four generations, from 1999 to 2020.

Toyota Yaris sedan and hatch back


The subject of this review, is the 2020 model, also known as 2020 Toyota Yaris. This model belongs to the fourth generation. Everybody knows that the Yaris, is a budget-price choice for those who would like to buy a good car, and save a little money aside, but we can assure you that this one, offers way more options than any other “budget-priced” model in the market.

Which one do you like more? The sedan or the hatchback? Well, it is your choice because the good news is the costumers of the UAE, will get both versions! One of the best features of this car, is it being exceptionally economical, fuel wise. It means that you will be able to save a lot of money on fuel over a long run. Maybe the suspension is not it’s best point and the acceleration is also a bit laggy, but you will enjoy everyday rides with it.

We all know that Toyota might be (or actually is) that type of company which offers less driver-assistance features for some models compared to other rivals, but we assure that you won’t get better options with this price. The Toyota Yaris hatchback, is a totally new version of this model, but apparently the sedan one is built based on Mazda 2.

The fourth-generation model, is filled with all different types of technologies, so you can enjoy using different applications such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on all trims and models. 2020 Toyota Yaris, can be a dangerous opponent to other cars such as Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo because it is made to have great quality as well as being super comfortable and easy to drive. It is the fourth car in the list of “the best subcompact cars”.

Design and Technology

The 2020 model is super stylish, both inside and outside. The cabin is pretty chic and the materials used have perfect quality. It does not matter how long you have been sitting on the front seat and driving because it is so comfortable. The rear part of the cabin and the seats, might be a little tight for tall people though. When all the seats are in their right place, the hatchback version provides you with 16 cubic feet of cargo. It is less than what some other rivals have to offer. Kia Rio hatchback has 17 cubic feet of cargo space. The sedan version offers even less space (14 cubic feet).

You will fall in love with this beautifully designed and delicately created car the moment you take a look at it. The body lines are so smooth and convey some kind of energy, like you are looking at something so advance and incredibly charming at the same time. Riding 2020 Toyota Yaris, fills you with confidence and make people understand your good taste in choosing cars. Actually, both the hatchback and sedan models are so stylish and kind of luxury as everyday cars that they would not disappoint you in formal occasions either.

Technology wise, Toyota Yaris is equipped with a reasonable range of standard features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as we mentioned before. The base models include a six-speaker system and a 7.0-inch display which is touch. The ability to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and streaming audio is also considered as standard. You can also use the auxiliary audio-input jack to connect your phone. The optional features include SiriusXM satellite radio alongside two USB ports.

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Performance and Specifications

As mentioned earlier, the UAE market gets both the sedan and hatchback versions of 2020 Toyota Yaris. There are two different engines offered for the hatchback, therefore we have two different models called the 1.5L SE+ and 1.2L SE. The sedan is also presented as 1.5L SE and 1.5L SE+, but the engines are not different.

Toyota Yaris Sedan 1.5L SE

This one is a strong rival for competitors like Honda Civic or Honda City, and to be honest it is totally impressive and good! It is presented with one 1.5- L engine and a CVT transmission. It is equipped with a power steering wheel. The wheels are steel and the it has halogen lamps, not LED. It also gets manual A/C as well as radio with AM/FM/CD/AUX/USB support. There are 4 speakers only, but you get to have central locking and power windows.

Toyota Yaris Sedan 1.5 SE+

The steering wheel in this one is covered with leather. You can use the wheel to control the audio system which has 6 speakers. You also get auto A/C, smart entry and a push-button to start the car. The 15-inch wheels are alloy.

There are some standard safety features on Toyota Yaris, such as airbags for both front and rear seats, brake assist and EBD. For the models of UAE market, tyre-pressure monitor and stability control are now considered as standard for all trims. The 1.5L engine produces 105 hp power and 141 nm, of torque. The top speed in 175 kph.

Toyota Yaris Sedan

Toyota Yaris hatchback 1.3L SE

This model is available with airbags, brake assist, EBD and immobilizer. Inside the cabin, you get fabric seats and cupholders. There are also map reading lamps and a multi information display included inside. AUX, Bluetooth, a CD player and drive computer reside inside of the cabin alongside some other standard features. The engine produces 98 hp power and 123 nm of torque.

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.5L SE+

This one gets airbags as s safety feature too, with and anti-theft alarm. There are also brake assist, EBD and central locking ability included. The 1.5L engine generates 106 horsepower and 140 nm of torque.

Toyota Yaris Hatchback


The price of every model is different from another and as mentioned below:

2020 Toyota Yaris1.5L SE+ HatchbackAED 68,200
2020 Toyota Yaris1.3L SE HatchbackAED 58,700
2020 Toyota Yaris1.5L SE+ SedanAED 79,900

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