Canoo American Bulldog Can Take You Almost Everywhere With No Emission

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American Bulldog, a new electric pickup truck from Canoo, was inspired by the light tactical EV prototype the company produced for the US Army the previous year. Although the new model has more robust design from the inside out, it looks to be based on the conventional Canoo Pickup.

Canoo American Bulldog

The American Bulldog's technical specs, which shouldn't differ all that much from the regular Canoo Pickup, were not disclosed by the manufacturer. The 600 horsepower electric drivetrain and all-wheel drive technology of the Screaming Eagle prototype may be shared by the next vehicle. It also has the same steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and honeycomb structure as other Canoo products.

Canoo Bulldog

The American Bulldog has a more useful dual-cab shape than the military prototype Screaming Eagle, which had a single cab. The triple LED headlights up front are joined by black trim pieces, giving the vehicle a more functional appearance. These are paired with skid plates and off-road bumpers. The inserts on the suicide doors, the rear bed's drop-down faces, and the tough-looking tail with an integrated step and a full-width LED bar are some more amazing elements.

Inside, orange accents, military-style bags on the door cards, and coordinating graphics on the infotainment display were added by Canoo designers.

Canoo American Bulldog ev

Preorders for the basic Canoo Pickup are presently being accepted, since the firm is concentrating on accelerating the production of its van brother in 2024. Canoo did not say whether the American Bulldog will be produced on a large scale or if it will only be produced as a one-off. In other developments, the electric vehicle company recently declared that the state of Oklahoma will receive its first electric van produced in Oklahoma.

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