Meet This Bespoke Tuned Mercedes Benz C200 With DTM Inspired Kit & Swarovski Crystals

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Mercedes Benz C-Class generation W204 first introduced in 2007. Mercedes Benz W204 was showing a huge improvement over the previous generations of C-Class as it was known as the baby S-Class on that time.

The W204 was available with various engines in the market but for the Middle East, it was mostly available with C200, C280 and C350 codes. The C200 was the most popular version in the market as it was more affordable than C280 and C350 while its performance and technical specification was acceptable. The W204 was so successful that its buyers used to include both young sport car lovers and families.

Standard Specs

The C200 uses a 1.8-liter supercharged inline four-cylinder engine that can produce 181 HP and 250 nm of torque. Combination of this powertrain and excellent ride and handling of the car, made the C-Class not only one of the best but the best option in its segment. At that time, its rivals in the market were BMW E90 and Lexus IS300.

2014 Mercedes Benz C200

Mercedes Benz introduced the facelifted version of the W204 in 2011. Visual changes in the facelifted model were not that massive except headlights and new dashboard but Mercedes decided to give the facelifted model a new engine.

After 2011 the C200 benefits from a new 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that pumps out 180 hp and 270 nm of torque.

More Powerful Rivals

While the facelifted version only was available as the C200 the main opponent which was the BMW 3 series (F30) was available as the 328i with its powerful 245 hp 2-liter engine. This deprivation of power lead some Mercedes Benz owners to visit tuning shops.

Mercedes Benz W204

The Mercedes Benz C200 that you can see in the photos are one on a few C-Classes in Iran that are heavily upgraded. This example experienced a big upgrade over the standard model with its bespoke body kit.

Carbon Fiber & Swarovski

All parts of the body kit including front and rear bumpers, bonnet, side skirt, spoilers, lower lips, mirrors, and fenders are made of carbon fiber. The front APR spoiler is also made of carbon fiber. Mercedes Benz logo at the front and rear also hosts 876 crystals that were supplied by Swarovski. There are more than 2500 crystals as well on the taillights.

The grille has also changed and like modern AMG products it has vertical lines. At the end of visual changes, we can mention a massive rear wing that gives the C200 a DTM inspired look.

Vossen Wheels, 140/400

Wheels are from Vossen. These wheels are limited edition product and Vossen only build 400 of them as the ones on this car are number 140 out of those limited 400. These gorgeous rims are covered with Pirelli tires.

Engine Upgrades

Upgrades applied on this C200 are not just limited to its look as the owner enhanced the engine output by using Racechip response control XLR kit. The XLR chip tuning kit has 7 stages and can improve the throttle response. The Racechip GTS chip tuning kit has also installed which can increase engine output by 30 percent.

Mercedes Benz AMG C63

This Mercedes Benz C200 has special water methanol injection kit from AEM. this system injects the water and methanol mixture into the intake manifold in order to reduce temperature of the combustion chamber. This can reduce the chance of detonation which is common with turbocharged engines due to the hotter intake air. It worth to know that the performance of the water methanol injection system increases if you use higher octane grade fuel. So here a better fuel means better performance.

Vossen Wheels

Other highlights are Armytrix downpipes, Akrapovic exhaust system, sports air intake, front and rear swaybars from RENNtech and HKS spark plugs.

In a non-practical amusement, we can predict the final output of the car to be around 250 hp or maybe more or less. We are also very curious like you to see this upgraded C200 on the dyno.

Please do not forget to check the photo gallery of the W204 Mercedes Benz C200.

Photos by Peyman Jahani

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